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Collection: Other Sparkling

With its Champagne, Crémant and other famous appellations, France is undoubtedly the world’s best-known maker of sparkling wines. However, it is no secret that many other sparkling wine producers across the globe have their own take on this famous and much-loved type, ranging from affordable options to bottles that will rival the Champagne region’s finest.

The history of sparkling wine is a fascinating one – with twists and turns that many would not expect. It is widely agreed that the original sparkling winemaking method is the methode ancestrale, in which the wine is bottled before fermentation is complete and carbonation comes from the still fermenting yeasts. Initially, this was considered to be an error, and winemakers would go to great lengths to attempt to curtail this unwanted effervescence. Even more surprisingly, history seems to suggest British merchants were importing ‘sparkling Champagne’ from the famous region while the French Champenois were still trying to solve the troubling issue of bubbles in their wine. The result, thankfully, has been the development of many other sparkling wine varieties of around the world.

Whether Cava from Spain, Italian sparkling wine (sometimes referred to as ‘spumante’), Espumante from Portugal, Sekt from Germany, or a wide array of other sparkling wines from countries in the old and new worlds, there is a variety to suit every palate, situation, and pairing. While drier sparkling wines are best known as the ‘bubbly’ shared during celebrations, sweeter variants are also enjoyed as aperitifs and with deserts.

Our selections of sparkling wines from around the world include a fine Italian Brut, offerings from artisan Australian winemakers, and affordable choices perfect for buying in bulk for large celebrations. To find out more, or to buy these and other sparkling wine varieties online, call us on +61 (0)409819436 or send us an email at info@veno.com.au.

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