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translation missing: en.The Boutique Wine Revolution: Who are the Emerging Stars?: The Boutique Wine Revolution: Who are the Emerging Stars?

You might not be aware, but we are in the middle of a wine revolution.

A few years ago, the wine industry was dominated by big label wines, but now it appears that not only are artisan or boutique wines becoming more popular among drinkers, their growth is starting to lead to some significant changes in the industry itself.

If you’ve been out to a bar, restaurant or even a bottle shop lately, you’ve probably seen a whole range of smaller, quirky wines on offer alongside the more familiar names. Many of these would be locally produced. From family-run vineyards to those offering organic and natural wines, Australia is emerging as a top producer of unique and unusual drops.

Wine lovers everywhere are drawn to the interesting boutique wines that are coming on the market and the excellent quality and often relative affordability of these smaller label wines make them popular with drinkers of all tastes and budgets.

Boutique wines often come with their own unique story, giving drinkers the opportunity to connect with the individual producers on a personal level. These boutique wine makers are having a disruptive effect on the wine industry and providing some much needed competition to the bigger wine brands.

Boutique wines provide value and exclusivity and they also appeal to a younger generation of drinkers who are drawn to the idea of supporting small businesses and are looking for something that’s a bit different.

While you can find some fantastic boutique and organic wine Australia wide, there are a few countries and regions that are starting to really stand out in this emerging space.


While Israel may not be known for its diversity of wine, there has been an explosion in the number of boutique wineries in the country over the last 18 years, with the number of small producers growing from seven to around 300. Not only has the quantity of wine from this area grown, the quality is talked about all over the world, especially when it comes to Merlots and Sauvignons. This is believed to be largely due to the recent introduction of vinification techniques from France and the US over the last 20 years.


Another relative unknown among casual wine drinkers, Argentinian wines are making a big impact on the international wine scene, especially those produced in Mendoza, which is home to an ever-increasing number of boutique wineries.

Malbec is Argentina’s most popular type of wine along with their Cabernet Sauvignons. Argentinian Malbec is becoming increasingly popular with wine lovers all over the world and exports are at an all time high.


Of course we can’t forget Australia! Australia is home to hundreds of boutique wineries and is a popular destination for wine lovers from all around the world. There are tours for wine lovers that specialise in helping visitors discover some off the beaten track wineries and sample some interesting varieties they might not find elsewhere. Some of the most popular styles include boutique and organic red wine like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon along with Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit different and you want to support smaller, family-run wineries, why not consider branching out to boutique wine? There are plenty of new and emerging stars in the boutique wine industry, and no matter what your preferences you’re bound to find something you love.