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Collection: Gamay

Gamay is yet another wine variety that, mistakenly considered inferior across history, has emerged as a universally enjoyed varietal. Like many wines with similar histories, Gamay is an earlier ripening, abundantly producing grape. While this relative ease of cultivation may have resulted in its reputation as a ‘simple’ wine, further understanding has allowed certain Gamays to take their place as wines of true distinction. This stands you in good company when you opt to buy Gamay wine online.

Originating in France’s storied Burgundy region, the abundantly growing Gamay would easily overtake the more delicate Pinot Noir when there was competition for growth. With Gamay’s high acidity and Pinot Noir's reputation for elegant and esteem in the region, two separate Dukes made edicts that Gamay is banned in favour of the Pinot.

However, later horticultural understanding revealed that growing Gamay in more acidic soil would, paradoxically, lessen the grapes acidity. Carbonic maceration (whole-grape fermentation in a carbon dioxide rich environment) also solved this problem, creating a wonderfully fruity, light-bodied wine with lively rather than overpowering acidity and soft tannins.

This unique varietal and fermentation process creates a wine suitable for drinking incredibly rapidly – in fact, the world famous Beaujolais Nouveau Day celebrates the release of these wines as little as six weeks after cultivation.

At Annandale Cellars, we offer some of the world’s finest Gamay wines. True to our love of natural wines, a number of our Gamays come from vineyards that adhere to organic and biodynamic practices. To find out more about how to buy Gamay wine online, call us on +61 (0)409819436 or send us an email at info@veno.com.au.

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