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We are Annandale Cellars

Wine is an enormous part of our lives. We read it, taste it, dream it, and live it every day, because that’s what we love to do. It excites us! We want that love and appreciation for wine to find you too. We want to see you get excited about the wine you drink. 
We source our wines from small artisan producers in Australia and around the world. We know where all our wines come from and how they are crafted. These vignerons work to make wines with a soul and a personality to give you an experience like no other when the cork is pulled or the screwcap cracked. 
We want to get you excited about the wines you drink! 


 Our Team



Chris Loth is the owner and operating manager at Annandale Cellars. A qualified winemaker with several vintages under his belt and his own wine label - CLO. Chris brings with him a love of wines produced naturally that reflect the place they are from and the people that make them...he is into them and loves to share his discoveries with everyone. That’s all about balancing good wine quality and genuine interest with a diverse perspective of what's available, to give you better choices.

The wines we sell reflect our experiences.  We choose wines with soul, wines made by real people for real people just like you. Every wine has a story and every story should have a wine, our goal is to give you the best wine for your story.

Our combined range of approximately 3500 different products gives you an almost unprecedented selection of interesting wines that the vast majority of retailers can't possibly match. We have thousands of wines from diverse varieties and regions from just about every wine producing country of the world including hundreds of Organic, Biodynamic, Preservative-Free and Natural Wines so when you want to buy organic wines in Australia look no further than www.acellars.com.au or Annandale Cellars. We've got you covered.

Got a question? Call Chris on +61 (0)409 819 436 or shoot me an email chris@acellars.com.au


 Come and say hi!

Come in and say hi! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always happy to have a chat and help with all of your vinous needs! The Annandale staff are chock full of wine industry experience and know-how so they are able to help you with any questions you might need answered when it comes to selecting your next bottle of wine. 

The Annandale store's specialty is hand-made wines grown sustainably and made with minimal intervention with a range of over 3000 wines at your fingertips and plenty of interesting events are held there throughout the year. It's well worth a visit! 

Got a question? Call us now on +61 (0)2 9660 1947 or shoot us an email shop@acellars.com.au



Passion & Pleasure 

That’s what we think you want from your wine and our people aim to give you just that.

 “I have a consumer’s palate. That means I taste a lot of wine from Australia and around the world, and a good wine to me is one I like. For me, it’s not about being ‘perfect’, rather it’s about ‘enjoyment’” - Michael Loth, business owner.

Michael has lived in and around the liquor world for about 50 years, with a stint in the corporate world prior to returning to his passion.