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Collection: Rose - Floral + Perfumed

Rose is produced in one of two ways. 1) Saignee -  the excess juice from a fermenter of red grapes is bled off into another vessel to make a rose. 2) Direct Press - once harvested, the red grapes go directly into the press to extract the juice with enough colour to make a rose. Both methods can produce quality rose, but direct press generally makes far more complex rose.

Rose is often considered 2nd-rate wine. The kind of grapes that don't make the cut into a producers red wine. We absolutely disagree with this statement so we've created a collection of wines that represent the more serious side of rose: Complex, Layered and Age-worthy. These are purposefully-made Rose with oodles of personality.

Producers like Clos Cibonne, Domaine Tempier, Doamine Ott, Gros Nore, Chateau de Pibarnon and Tour de Bon fall into this category to name a few. 

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