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Collection: Orange - Lightly textured

What is an orange wine? A wine is orange, or amber, when the white grapes are kept in contact with their skins for an extended period of time. Basically, it's a white grape being made like a red wine. The colour of the resulting wine, orange, comes from the skins of the grape variety. This colour can differ from yellow to orange to amber and even purple depending on the variety.

This orange wine collection covers all those wines that see a short maceration on their skins from varieties that exude elegance and finesse. You can expect these wines to be from yellow to light orange in colour with a fine but very present texture.

A lot of orange wines are also natural wines, so you can expect them to be naturally fermented, low to no preservative added, and unfiltered and unfined, causing them to be hazy and throw a fine sediment that is harmless to consume.

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