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Collection: Sparkling - Prosecco

Prosecco shouts fun! This Italian Sparkling wine is responsible for putting smiles on the faces of so many Australian wine drinkers. Prosecco is a youthful, easy-drinking and light Sparkling Wine that is perfect as an aperitif or mixed in your favourite spritz.

Prosecco is a Sparkling Wine made from the grape variety Glera. It is home in the Veneto and Friuli regions of Italy. Valdobbiadene is the town at the heart of the region, producing the finest examples of Prosecco.

Prosecco Sparkling wines are made using the Charmat method. Here, the wine undertakes it's secondary fermentation in a large tank to give the wine its bubbles before it is transferred to bottle under pressure. This method differs from the Methode Champenoise, which undertakes its secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Until recently other countries were allowed to call their sparkling wines "Prosecco" and for this reason we have included all Sparkling Wine made in the Charmat method from the grape variety Glera.

Would you like to buy Prosecco that wows everyone you present it to? When you buy Prosecco wine from the collection here at Annandale Cellars, you’re investing in a delectable bottle that’ll sharpen each of your senses. From the way the bubbles flutter against the glass to the sharp invocation of dry white notes that come with every sip, Prosecco are treats you shouldn’t miss.

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