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Collection: Sparkling - Moscato + Brachetto

When it comes to wines that are a little provocative, Moscato is difficult to rival. For those who love it, the opportunity to buy Moscato wine is an opportunity to satisfy their sweet tooth. For those who can take it or leave it, there’s often a rush to buy sparkling Moscato that benefits from a few dry tones. Fortunately, the team here at Annandale Cellars has created a collection that can satisfy both camps.

Moscato is both a sweet and sparkling wine. When made well it is vivacious, fragrant and rather delicate. A perfect match with lighter desserts and hard cheese.

Brachetto is the red sibling of Moscato. With its beautiful red colour, subtle candied flavours and ample floral aromas, sampling high-quality Brachetto may very well result in the discovery of your new favourite cheese or chocolate pairing. We love Brachetto and we hope you do too!

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