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Collection: Sparkling

At Annandale Cellars, we believe that every wine has a tale to tell. Sparkling wines, however, lend themselves to the telling of new, exciting and fun stories. Any event full of joy and celebration needs a sparkling wine at the center of it. Shed the seriousness and embrace the bubbly frivolity. Live in the happiness of whatever moment has earned a celebration.

Sparkling wines can come in a variety of hues, from white to rosé and red. From the well-known varietals of Prosecco and Moscato, to wonderful blends of Australian and French Sparkling wines. Australia in particular produces several sparkling reds, with sparkling Shiraz being uniquely Australian in style and particularly popular. Sparkling reds are made from red grape varieties and a dosage of a sugar mix or fortified wine is used to balance out the larger levels of phenolic compounds in red grapes. And for clarity, Champagne is only from the region of Champagne in France, otherwise it's called Sparkling.

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