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Collection: Sparkling - Pet Nat + Ancestral

Over the last few years, Pétillant Naturel and Method Ancestral wines have seen quite a surge in popularity. Contrary to popular belief, however, these lightly fizzy wines are not a recent creation. In fact, Pét-Nats as they are affectionately called, and the process by which they are made, actually predate Champagne, and this method is believed to be the original sparkling wine.

If you would like to buy Pétillant Naturel wine online, you need to know about what sets these wines apart. They are made using a technique known as méthode ancestrale, (alternatively méthode rural, artisanale or gaillacoise) which means that the wine is bottled before its first fermentation is complete, and any carbonation that occurs is from the grape’s natural sugars. This is in contrast to Champagne and Crémant’s méthode traditionnelle, where secondary ingredients with added yeast and sugars create additional fermentation.

The result of Pét-Nat’s ancient method is a lighter, less fizzy mouthfeel and usually somewhat lower alcohol content – features that entice many wine collectors with differing palates to buy Pétillant Naturel rather than another sparkling wine type. As the process can be harder to control, experienced winemakers are needed to create the finest examples. An excellent Pétillant Naturel, however, is a unique and lively drinking experience that showcases the features of its respective terroir.

Pétillant Naturel wines are fun and festive by nature, but another feature we love is their natural nature – this is, of course, all in the name. For those interested in buying Pétillant Naturel wines online, we are proud to offer a number of preservative-free Pét-Nats from selected artisan producers in differing locales, including wines produced in France and right here in Australia.

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