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Collection: Riesling

The humble Riesling grape is certainly one that has suffered at the hands of market trending. An eternally popular grape, it lost favour with many consumers as people moved away from “sweet” wine – a trend that it only began to recover from in the mid-90s. Luckily, its resilience has allowed it to bounce back, and now we’re seeing incredible wines right across the entire sweet/dry spectrum.

Originally from the Rhine region in Germany, Riesling has spread around the globe, from Old World to New. In its home, Riesling is usually made into light, aromatic whites that have varying levels of sweetness to them. They can be made Trocken (dry), right through to sweet, Botrytis styles such as Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese. The other major Old World region that deserves a mention is Alsace. Here Riesling is made dry to off-dry, with bright, floral aromatics and spicy fruit notes.

In the New World, Australia surely deserves a mention. Areas such as the Clare Valley in South Australia have claimed Riesling as their hallmark white grape. From the citrus-driven Watervale region, to the stony minerality of Polish Hill, South Australian Riesling is world-class. With so many styles and regions to choose from, Riesling can be a wine for all occasions, and matches well to a variety of dishes and cuisines.

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