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translation missing: en.Huia – Bringing back the lost art of elegance to Marlborough: Huia – Bringing back the lost art of elegance to Marlborough

Huia BirdI recently had the opportunity to sit down with Claire Allan of Huia wines and talk about the current release of wines. It had been sometime since trying the range of wines from this organic and sometimes biodynamic producer from the most well-known region in all of New Zealand.

First, a little bit about where they came from…

Winery Notes:

Claire and Mike Allan were drawn to Marlborough by the potential for intense fruit flavours and the promise of rounded, elegant wines. They bought the land in 1990 and started making wines as Huia in 1996. At Huia, the creation of good wine and a commitment to the environment go hand in hand. The result is elegant, hand-crafted wines that go to help define the potential of Marlborough. With a focus on organics and biodynamics, Huia makes beautiful wines for today, while protecting the vitality of the soils for future generations.

For more information on their story click here.

Now for a little something about their current releases…

Hunk Dory Sauvignon Blanc 2014

It is entry level Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc but with restraint. Tank fermented so it retains freshness and fruit purity with typical tropical and hints of gooseberry to balance it all out. It definitely punches above its weight.

Hunky Dory The Tangle 2013

What a delicious wine! A blend of Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer and Riesling that’s fermented together in a kind of field blend way. Being co-fermented it is really well integrated and the Gewurz doesn’t stick out too much like in so many similar blends. Medium bodied with lifted aromatics and juicy goodness throughout the palate. It’s dangerously drinkable!

Hunky Dory Pinot Noir 2014

It speaks of entry level Burgundy at an entry level price. I’ve never seen this style of wine come out of New Zealand at this level. Sure the label needs a change, but what’s inside the bottle is impressive, and that’s all that should count, right? An array of cherries with hints of forest floor and mushroom goodness. It finishes softly and perhaps a little short, but if it had length too it wouldn’t be this much of a steal!

Huia Sauvignon Blanc 2013

One very smart Sauvignon Blanc. It’s always been good, but I think this is the best it has been. Don’t expect “classic” (or should I say disastrous) Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Instead, it’s restrained, pure and elegant with a palate that screams texture and length of flavour. A lot of these characters I believe come from the wild barrel ferments, extended ageing on lees and the low sulphur levels in the wine… not to mention good viticulture. Something to be savoured.

Huia Pinot Gris 2012

Most NZ Pinot Gris is on the sweeter end of the spectrum – at least 4 grams residual. The Huia is only 0.4 grams (undetectable). There is still richness and concentration but the dryness brings about a refreshing nature on the palate, that when combined with the acidity makes for one hell of a combination. Floral attributes on the nose allure one to the complex palate that, like all Huia wines, is restrained.

This list of Huia wines are available online from Veno or at our store locations: Annandale Cellars and Northbridge Cellars.