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Luke Lambert 2016 New Release

It baffles me why these aren't the most highly sort after Australian wines by the plethora of wine cronies around the country. Where are all the Luke Lambert groupies???

I feel Luke Lambert is a new world man with an old world mind. He is far from outspoken, he rarely steps into the public forum and above all, he produces savoury, structured, elegant and unique wines that speak volumes. This is far from the norm in the Australian wine industry.

These traits may account for why his rise to greatness has been slower than others. When Luke started producing wines in the early 2000s, Australia was plagued by rich, viscous, high-octane, heavily oaked and heavily extracted wines. Most of the talk was about South Australian "ball-busters" (for lack of a better word) and with the drought years (hot vintages) ahead, it was difficult for a young winemaker producing elegant yet complex wines to find their feet.

Since then, Australian wine has taken a turn towards the obscure and fascinating. We've seen the rise of alternative varietals, the new wave of natural wines, skin-contact white wines and plenty more. What's interesting is Luke Lambert was producing Nebbiolo before it was known to the Australian public as a varietal, let alone alternate. He has also produced wines with no additions or subtractions since the outset, yet a whole movement of natural wines has become the talk of the town. He's one of the great innovators of the Australian wine industry. 

Luke Lambert's unwavering dedication to quality wines is what makes him one of Australia's best winemakers. He will leave his mark on Australian wine forever and Nebbiolo will be his legacy. 

Luke Lambert Chardonnay 2016

A very elegant, complex and savoury medium bodied wine. It smell like new world Chardonnay. Honeysuckle, white stone fruits and lanolin, with a distinct savoury visceral, flor like character. The mouth fills with touches of raw quince, nashi pear, white peach and grapefruit with creamy macadamia & husk on the mid palate. The mineral drive continues to build as the acidity lingers with honeysuckle and finger lime. This wine will develop many layers of depth over the next few years, and will go to another level with seafood, pork and poultry, if you can stop yourself from drinking it now.

Luke Lambert Syrah 2016

Cool climate Shiraz at its understated best. Vibrant & medium bodied with aromatics that play between red and black forest berries, plums and pomegranate with hints of lightly smoked hock, coriander seed and green peppercorn spice. These characters coat the palate and continue to linger with a delicate tannin structure that shows wonderful promise for the future. A wine that will start showing its potential in another year to 5, as the last 4 vintages have proven. Pure and unadulterated, just as we like it.