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translation missing: en.Paradigm Hill – Flying High: Paradigm Hill – Flying High

Paradigm Hill L'ami SageParadigm Hill is flying high. At about 39,000 feet in fact! The Paradigm Hill L’ami Sage Pinot Noir 2013 has recently been listed on Qantas First Class. This is a mean feat for a winery of such small production. It’s also a great sign of things to come from Qantas as they develop a more complex and independent wine list to show off the country’s best wines to our international guests.

George and Ruth Mihaly are owners, operators, winemakers, viticulturists and all round good people at Paradigm Hill on the Mornington Peninsula. Their small 10 acre, north-facing estate in the Merricks sub-region is planted to Pinot Gris, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Shiraz. It’s a unique terroir of the Peninsula where all the wines show a trademark perfume, texture and elegance.

Here is a list of wines produced from the property:

The Pinot Gris, Riesling, Shiraz and L’Ami Sage Pinot Noir are planted on lighter more alluvial sedimentary soils (east) moving towards more volcanic/basaltic ferrous soils (west). The five rows of Les Cinq on the western side of the vineyard is planted on rich volcanic/basaltic ferrous soils. The resulting wines, especially the two Pinot Noir, are reflective of this terroir. The L’ami Sage is lighter in body with more perfume and elegance whereas the Les Cinq is richer in body, darker fruited, more savoury and much more structured. It is truly a reflection of the terroir.

It has been a pleasure supporting George and Ruth over the past decade. We consider them our friends. We’ve seen their wines become part of the Australian wine landscape improving in quality with every vintage and pushing the boundaries of Pinot Noir in this country. The time, effort and research that goes into progressing this variety comes second to none and we are proud to be a part of this evolution.

Quantities are extremely limited. Please give these wines a good home.


Chris Loth

Veno - Annandale Cellars