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Collection: Altesse

Also known as Rousette, Altesse is a white grape variety found almost exclusively in the Savoie region in France. It is also one of the varietals permitted in the nearby region of Bugey, but other than that, is not really grown anywhere else. Both Savoie and Bugey produce Altesse as a single varietal wine, although it is usually labelled “Rousette de Savoie,” and “Rousette de Bugey.”

Altesse tends to produce white wines that are light to medium bodied, with floral aromatics, stone fruit characters, and honey notes. The wines are typified by a distinct bergamot note, and a savoury nuttiness on the palate. They are usually not oaked, but due to their crisp acidity they are well-suited for medium-term cellaring.

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