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Collection: Blaufrankish

Blaufrankisch (literally “Blue Frankish”) is a grape that is grown across Central Europe in countries such as Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Hungary. Hahndorf Hill, situated in the Adelaide Hills was the first Australian winery to produce Blaufrankisch – with vines planted over twenty years ago. In Hungary, it is one of the grapes used to make up the red wine blend “Bull’s Blood.”

But let us focus on one of the most famous regions for Blaufrankisch: Burgenland in Eastern Austria. Here, Blaufrankisch is capable of producing a variety of styles from light, fresh and fruity reds that see little to no oak, to wines that are deeply coloured, with aromas of blue and black berries, and notable spicy/peppery characters. With moderate to high acidity and fairly high tannins, these are wines to enjoy with an array of grilled meats, such as lamb, duck or venison.

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