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Collection: Calvados

Calvados is an apple brandy that hails from Normandy in France. It is a spirit created by the fortification of apple cider and can only be named Calvados if it comes from the Calvados region. If it is distilled in other regions of the world it is called apple brandy.

To make Calvados a producer must pick the apples and ferment them dry to make apple cider. The cider is then distilled into an Eau de Vie spirit and aged for no less than 2 years in cask. It is only then that it can be called Calvados.

There are hundreds of varieties of cider apples in the region of Calvados. They are smaller in size compared to regular apples and have a far broader taste spectrum. Some are sweet, others acidic and a few bitter, with all of them adding to create a more complex flavour in the finished product.

We recommend drinking calvados as a digestif after your meal, with or without ice, and with or without water, depending on your preference.

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