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Collection: Catarratto

A relatively obscure white grape native to Italy, and grown predominantly in Sicily. In fact, Catarratto is the most widely planted varietal in Sicily, and over-production has led to a lot of the grapes being used in distillation to make neutral spirit. However, it is classified under Etna DOC and Salaparuta DOC where it is made into single varietal whites, as well as used in blends. Outside of Sicily, the grape is not commercially cultivated.

Wines made from Catarratto are usually medium to full bodied whites with good acidity and medium alcohol levels. The wines are often described as having an aromatic floral blossom aroma, with distinct lemon zest notes. Many Catarratto wines can show tropical fruit tones too, depending on the level of ripeness. They tend to be versatile wines that pair well with fish and seafood, or white meats.

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