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Collection: Grechetto

Originating in Greece, Grechetto is now grown extensively throughout Italy, particularly in the Umbria region. It is used to make single varietal white wines, as well as blended with other grapes grown in the region. The grapes it is most often blended with are Chardonnay, Trebbiano and Malvasia.

As a single varietal wine, Grechetto can be quite varied. Many producers prefer to use inert fermenting vats to maximise the fruit characters of the wine, but others opt for oak casks or barriques, thus deriving a fuller-bodied style, more akin to Chardonnay. In either case, Grechetto is typified by a distinct nutty aroma, often compared to almond or hazelnut. Some of the fuller-bodied styles can also undergo malolactic fermentation, giving the wines a buttery note and creamy texture. But generally speaking, the wines tend to be crisp and fruit-driven, with subtle mineral tones, and distinctive nuttiness.

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