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Collection: Greco di Tufo

The ancestors of Greco were thought to have been brought to Southern Italy from Greece, more than 2,500 years ago. In Italy, there are now two grapes that share the name Greco: Greco Bianco and Greco Nero. The wine known as Greco di Tufo is made from Greco Bianco in the Campania region, in Southern Italy, around the town of – yep, you guessed it – Tufo.

Greco di Tufo is one of only two DOCG regions in Italy that make wine from Greco Bianco. The other region with DOCG status is Fiano di Avellino, where Greco is used alongside other regional varietals to make blended whites.

The wines of Greco di Tufo tend to be light-bodied, crisp white wines with lifted citrus tones together pear/apple aromas and a subtle nuttiness. The wines are often typified by a lingering mineral complexity on the palate. They are best drunk young, and not usually intended to age.

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