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Collection: Inzolia

Another Sicilian varietal that is starting to make a name for itself. It is a main component in the fortified Marsala wines from Sicily, and at one time that is all it was used for. But with the rising popularity of Sicilian wine and the growth in the industry there, Inzolia is being produced as a single-varietal, dry white wine. It is also grown in Tuscany, where it is known as Ansonica. But apart from a few small plantings in other Italian regions, Inzolia is not grown anywhere else.

The wines produced from Inzolia are bright and floral, showing aromatic characters of peach, pear and apricot, along with a distinctive nuttiness. The palate can be quite full, and if not picked early enough, the wines can lack acid and structure. But when made well, they are fleshy and full with plenty of fruit and good acidity. A lovely match with grilled seafood.

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