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Collection: Lagrein

Lagrein is a red grape native to the Alto-Adige region in far North Italy. In its home region, it is used to make Lagrein Scuro, a dry, tannic wine, or Lagrein Rosato, a rose style. Lagrein is characterised by high acidity and very high levels of tannin, so barrel ageing is almost requisite. For younger, fresher styles, the must is usually pre-fined to remove some tannins prior to fermentation. A typical wine made from Lagrein will show sour plum notes, with a green edge, and spicy earthy tones.

Lagrein has become a popular grape for many Australian winemakers, with over thirty producers now using it, both as a single varietal, and in blends. It tends to prefer the cooler climate sites, and has had great success in regions such as Keyneton in Victoria.

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