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Collection: Petit Verdot

Another member of the ‘Bordeaux Five’ that go towards making classic Bordeaux red blends, Petit Verdot is a late-ripening varietal that adds colour and tannin to blends, as well as lifted floral aromas of violet and musk. In Bordeaux, its original home, it is very rarely produced as a single varietal wine, due to the inconsistency and lateness in ripening, however there are some examples from other French regions, such as Languedoc, where it is produced as a varietal wine. But it is in the New World regions, particularly Australia, where conditions have allowed Petit Verdot to be expressed as a hig-quality, rich, dark, tannic varietal wine.

Warmer regions in Australia, such as Barossa Valley, Riverland, and Murray Valley have had success with growing ripe Petit Verdot that produces full-bodied red wines that show dark plum and cassis flavours, with spice and leather emerging as they age. It is the grape’s ability to retain its acidity in these warmer regions that makes it so successful.

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