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Collection: Ploussard & Poulsard

From the Jura region in Eastern France, the discrepancy in the name of this grape simply comes down to a difference in dialect. However you want to say it, it is grown almost exclusively in Jura in appellations such as Arbois, Côtes du Jura, and L’Etoile. Poulsard is an incredibly thin-skinned grape, which means even after extended periods of maceration, the colour of the wines is very pale. For this reason, it is often blended with white grapes to produce rosé, or other light reds such as Pinot Noir or Trousseau, to produce light-bodied reds. In L’Etoile it can be made as a blanc de noir white wine.

As a single varietal red wine, however, Poulsard tends to be very light-bodied and delicate, with floral notes alongside bright red berries, often underpinned by a stony minerality. Low tannin and good acidity make it a nice match for a plate of charcuterie.

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