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Collection: Sercial

Originally from Portugal, Sercial is most commonly associated with the wines of Madeira. Due to its bracing acidity, Sercial is the driest of the Madeira wines, and usually served as an aperitif alongside light tapas dishes. However, a handful of enterprising modern winemakers are starting to produce Sercial as a single varietal, dry wine, and not just in Portugal.

As a Madeira wine, Sercial is the lightest and driest. The wines tend to show flavours of spice, nuts and citrus peel nuances. Fresh acidity with a creamy, nutty palate make Sercial Madeira a perfect aperitif.

There are a couple of New World examples, where Sercial has been used to produce a dry white wine. South Australian duo, Dave Geyer and Koen Janssen under their label, Yetti and the Kokonut, have produced Sercial for the last couple of vintages. These wines show the typical bracing acidity of Sercial, with flavours of lime and grapefruit, coupled with a textural palate and subtle minerality.

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