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To the south of Hobart, and following the Huon River to the south west is the Huon Valley region. Once famed for its apple orchards, the Huon Valley is a small region, but one with enormous potential. The focus on fresh produce from the area has buoyed the rapidly growing food and wine scene, and Huon Valley is now home to some of the best wineries in Tasmania and Australia as a whole.


The region runs alongside the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, and encompasses the town of Flowerpot to the south, Port Huon to the west, and Huonville to the north. It is the coldest wine producing region in Tasmania which puts it right on the viticultural edge. But thanks to a host of innovative, artisan producers, and the booming food and wine scene, the Huon Valley is one of the most exciting emerging wine regions in Australia.


Being Australia's southernmost wine region, the Huon Valley has a cool climate with a strong maritime influence. Cold southerly winds sweeping in from the Antarctic mean that site selection is vital. To maximise sunlight and protect the vines from frost, most of the vineyards throughout the valley are planted on north-facing slopes, and close to bays and inlets to take advantage of the tempering influence from large bodies of water.

The mountains to the west of the region provide a protective rainshadow, which means that Huon Valley enjoys a relatively dry growing season. This is particularly important around harvest time, when the heavy rains can affect fruit quality.

The soils throughout the region are mostly sandy alluvials, deposited by the river over time. Underneath these friable topsoils are limestone based clays with good water retention and fertility.

Overall, the Huon Valley's naturally cool climate, long sunshine hours during ripening and abundant fertile soils, make it a perfect region for the production of high-quality, cool-climate wines.


Along with most regions in Tasmania, the Huon Valley is known for producing top quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The cool climate coupled with long, steady ripening periods, allows for the development of complexity and concentration in the fruit, whilst retaining fresh, natural acidity. These two varieties are also used to produce exceptional sparkling wines.


Riesling and Shiraz are also produced here in small quantities, and some innovative producers have started exploring alternative varieties such as Gamay and Gewurztraminer - both of which perform well in cooler climates.


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