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Collection: Barbera

Barbera wines originate from the Piedmont region of Italy – a region perhaps best known for producing the fine Nebbiolo wine. While Nebbiolo may garner more attention and be granted better real estate due to its complicated cultivation, the long-popular Barbera enjoys deserved appreciation as a wine perfect for a range of occasions.

If you are looking to buy Barbera wine online, you are not alone. Barbera’s potential may have been missed simply because it is so ubiquitous – it is Italy’s third most planted grape variety – and in fact, it’s finest appellations have achieved both DOC and DOCG status (Barbera d'Asti and Nizza, respectively).

Many Barbera fans are drawn to its dichotomy of flavours and textures. For instance, dark staining pigments give it a signature dark hue, suggesting a rich wine, while light tannin and high acidity give it a ‘juicy’ taste and feel. At the same time, strawberry and sour cherry flavours are generally associated with light-bodied Barbera wines. The best examples are from winemakers who, instead of taking advantage of the grape’s high yield, opt to grow Barbera in well-pruned vineyards with smaller clusters. Ageing in toasted oak barrels is another effective technique used, which gives Barbera an increased complexity.

Barbera wine may be known as ‘the people’s wine’ in the Piedmont region, but it is far superior to the average ‘table wine.’ Its popularity in Italy is due to its combination of affordability and availability, but its best varieties are truly high-quality wines. If you are interested in buying Barbera wine online, call us on +61 (0)409819436 or send us an email at info@veno.com.au and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff find the perfect bottle for you.

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