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Collection: Vegan Friendly Wines

We care about what you’re drinking

Many people assume all wine is vegan friendly. That isn’t the case - many winemakers use fining agents to make the wine achieve a clear appearance quickly. These are often derived from animal-related sources. Some of the most common fining agents include:

  • Casein (derived from milk)

  • Albumin (egg whites)

  • Gelatine (derived from animals)

  • Isinglass (derived from fish)

  • Diatomaceous earth (derived from ancient sea creatures)

At Veno, we want to make sure that no vegan or vegetarian ever has to drink wine that goes against their ethical beliefs and dietary choices. Most of the wines in-store are vegan friendly but here is our selection that we are 100% sure are vegan. How? Because we ask the wineries directly. Why? Because we know it's important to you.

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