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Cambridge Road Cloudwalker Pinot Gris 2018 (Preservative Free)

Cambridge Road Cloudwalker Pinot Gris 2018 (Preservative Free)

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Tasting Notes

This year's Cloudwalker focuses on a single vineyard south of the village sited on the edge of the Dry River. A rock strewn stream-bed that seldom carries water but finds its source high in the calcified mountain to the east. The grapes are Pinot Gris & Riesling, just under half has been fermented with skins and seeds to build texture and refreshing pith into the wine. The wine is wild and untouched, with nothing added or taken away. Aromas of dried mango and earl grey with a touch of lemon zest. The palate balances textural weight with a dry crunch and a freshness tempered with bitters. - Winery Note

Cambridge Road Vineyard is a small 5.5-acre estate in the esteemed Martinborough Terrace Appellation in the North Island of New Zealand.

We are the newest stewards of this vineyard, which was first planted in Pinot Noir and Syrah in 1986 which makes the vines amongst the oldest in the country and we continue their management with love and pride.

We focus our time and energy on perfecting and beautifying our land and cultivate it according to natural biodynamic principles. I embarked many years ago on understanding the grape vine in its natural state and how as a grower I can allow the vine to flourish with only the assistance of natural encouraging inputs.

This way of farming while unbelievable to many, does work. It brings me closer to the land than ever before and I believe it brings a quality unsurpassed by other means of agriculture when conducted correctly and intelligently.

My commitment is to making fine, handcrafted wines through meticulous viticulture and traditional winemaking techniques and I look forward to seeing the legacy of our land improve over my life and handing off something much richer to my son when the time comes.

- Winery Note

Product Type Wine White Pinot Gris Grigio & Blanc
Volume 750ml
Country New Zealand
Region Martinborough
Winemaking Practices Natural
Vineyard Practices Organic/Biodynamic