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Contratto Bitter 1000ml (Preservative Free)

Contratto Bitter 1000ml (Preservative Free)

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Tasting Notes

The original recipe for Contratto Bitter dates back to 1933 and is based on a mixture of 24 delicately infused, premium natural herbs, spices, roots and seeds combined with Italian Brandy.

A slow, cold maceration process is carried out according to tradition, resulting in a sophisticated, all-natural elixir. This complex yet well-balanced boutique aperitif is capable of turning any Contratto Bitter-based cocktail into an exceptional experience.

Cocktails with Contratto Bitter:

1 part Contratto Bitter

1 part Soda Water

Product Type Spirits Digestif/Amaro/Bitters
Volume 1000ml
Country Italy
Region Piedmont